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What is Childhood Domestic Violence?

CDV is the terminology used to describe the disease that results from experiencing violence during childhood. This includes domestic violence experienced or observed. There is evidence to support that violence during childhood negatively wires a developing brain. CDV is a massive issue in our society that has been under the radar for too long.

The ongoing cycle of trauma

The negative wiring of the brain and the experiences of domestic violence in childhood are likely to harm the individual later in adulthood.


“Growing up in a violent home is the single best predictor of being a victim or perpetrator later in life” -UNICEFF

Hope in prevention

Although there are many resources available for those who find themselves in DV situations, there are not enough programs that focus on awareness and PREVENTION. Voices Set Free is a campaign that is focused on education and prevention. There are tools available for unlearning lies and creating a happier life. Our program offers free workshops that educate the community about CDV and provide tools for healing and thriving.

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