Freeing The Voices Of Those Living With Domestic Violence

Voices Set Free was awarded a Childhood Domestic Violence (CDV) TOOLKIT by the Childhood Domestic Violence Association (CDVA). The workshop will review the tools provided and how they achieve optimal awareness and understanding. According to CDVA, “Childhood Domestic Violence is the last remaining unknown, unnamed, unaddressed, untreated major childhood adversity.” 

Voices Set Free hosts no cost and fee based educational workshops in Oregon that address Childhood Domestic Violence (CDV). Growing up with CDV is the SINGLE BEST PREDICTOR of engaging in it later as an adult. Childhood Domestic Violence is one of the Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs).

Eric Welch, PRC, is a Washington County Parent Mentor working with Morrison Child and Family Services. He grew up with Childhood Domestic Violence and has been on a journey of healing over the past 10 years. “I look forward to sharing my story. Hopefully it will inspire and stimulate your passion for helping others.”

Please note that the content covered in this workshop may be triggering for people with trauma and/or lived experience with family violence.

FREE WORKSHOP - November 30th 2018  9:00am  -  12:15pm

Introduction to Childhood Domestic Violence Workshop

Do you know what happens to a child living in a violent home?  

Learn unique, NEW TOOLS for positive transformations.

Meet the Presenters

for November 20th 2018

voices set free hosts no cost and fee based educational workshops in Oregon

Louise Bauschard, LCSW, Executive Director and founder of the nonprofit organization Voices Set Free and is a nationally recognized DV activist. She has worked in the DV movement for 40+ years. Her goal is to end family violence with prevention efforts that MUST begin with children.

Seating limited to 30 attendees

2.75 non-clinical CEUs, NASW, Oregon Chapter

Voices Set Free

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​​Develop an understanding of the complex dynamics of family violence on children and its lifelong impact. Introduce the highly scalable tools and resources created by the Childhood Domestic Violence Association in collaborations with leading researchers and institutions to help foster positive outcomes in children and adults that are experiencing/have experienced Childhood Domestic Violence. Present evidence-based research showing a direct link of Childhood Domestic Violence to future family violence and substance abuse.   

Sheba Hulsing, BA, Direct Service Advocate at Call to Safety, currently supporting survivors of the sex trade. She’s been a confidential advocate for survivors of domestic and sexual violence for two years. Sheba has studied the neurological effects of our environment and lived trauma, as well as how to heal the mind following trauma exposure. Through her work as an advocate and lived experience, she helps survivors understand the effects of early childhood traumas on their mind and the ways in which to rewire their minds and overcome these challenges.