Voices Set Free

Freeing The Voices Of Those Living With Childhood Domestic Violence And ACE's


A Portland State University BSW intern placed at Voices Set Free. She is pursuing a career in social work because she is a survivor of Domestic Violence and her passion is working towards ending it. Reading Invincible- The 10 lies you learn growing up with Domestic Violence, and the truths to set you free inspired and motivated Maeve to raise awareness of Childhood Domestic Violence.



Louise Bauschard, LCSW, Executive Director and founder of the nonprofit organization Voices Set Free and is a nationally recognized DV activist. With over 30 years of experience with Domestic Violence, she brings vast knowledge and insight addressing the impact of living with abuse. Louise will present an overview of the Childhood Domestic Violence efforts now underway in Oregon. Her goal is to interrupt the cycle of family violence through prevention efforts that MUST begin with our children.

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