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With 40 years of expertise during our rapidly changing environment, Louise's continuing research and current state and federal statistics enables

Louise to be adept at speaking on these specialized topics;

  • Cause and Consequences of Domestic Violence
  • ​Child Abuse Prevention
  • Family/Domestic Violence
  • Family Violence Laws and the Criminal Justice System
  • Gender Bias in the Courts
  • New Approaches for Effective and Inclusive Batterer Intervention
  • Psychological Factors in the Development of Violence
  • Behavioral Health Issues by Family/Domestic Violence Victims and Offenders 
  • Research on family/domestic violence
  • Treatment and Criminal Justice Response to Family/Domestic Violence

Louise Bauschard / LCSW Curriculum Vitae

Freeing The Voices Of Those Living With Childhood Domestic Violence And ACE's

Description and Qualifications: Voices Set Free was founded in 1997 by Louise Bauschard, a nationally recognized 35 year advocate for survivors of domestic violence. Voices Set Free (VSF) partners with many non-profit and government agencies to work toward ending the devastating cycle of family abuse. We promote fairness and healing for those touched by this worldwide pandemic. Voice's Set Free has taught students at several Oregon Universities, including Portland State University, Marylhurst University and University of Oregon. We have provided educational services to women at our state prison for women, Coffee Creek Correctional Facility. Members sit on the Washington County Reentry Council and the Children of Incarcerated Parents Committee. In June of this year VSF was selected for one of eight three year Community Investment Grants through the United Way. We are the lead collaborative partner in establishing the Family Justice Initiative in Washington County. Of the $152,000 awarded this year, Voices Set

Free through its Family Justice Initiative program will implement $91,000 of investment
services to justice involved parents and most importantly their children.

Voices Set Free enjoys a diverse board, staff, committed volunteers, and graduate counseling interns working to provide education, training, direct services, resources and referrals. A major effort is identifying and reaching out to serve the children of these families before they lose hope for a safer and brighter future. VSF has acquired a mastery of the complex justice system's effect on these families. We have the means of focusing our attention fundamentally on these children.

Accomplishments: Voices Set Free has taught 40+ courses to 1,000 students and professionals over the past 12 years. Through these classes -and seminars we have educated attorneys, advocates, faith communities, human service staff, police officers, social workers, health care providers, correctional staff, etc., in the "state of the art" and "best practices" of a service delivery continuum that offers clients safety and help. We have provided a decade of trauma counseling, crisis intervention; intensive skill based education, and outreach activities to our community. Voices Set Free has pioneered restorative justice and dynamic actions that empower battered women and their children. We have worked with abusive partners to promote their acknowledgement and accountability for their abusive acts that resulted in family disintegration.

Area and populations served: Voices Set Free works with all parties affected by family violence. Educational materials and many of the forums are open to the public. We believe that an educated public will not tolerate an act of violence within a family. Our goal is to assist survivors of violence. We use the collective wisdom of those who have experienced firsthand interpersonal violence. We use decades of learning from clients and our own experiences in crafting a model of healthy families. We continually touch lives throughout multi-levels of justice services happening in Washington County. We uncover areas in the justice system where till now there has been little, if any, awareness or understanding of abuse that has taken place.- Once uncovered we go into that area seeking ways to Change patterns or address safety shortcomings. We place ourselves in court rooms, parole offices, jails, prisons; homes and other agencies, so we may work 'together to find easier and safer structures to mend our "broken" justice system.